My 500th post *** DAISIES ***




Little daisies pink and white,

blooming and dancing under the skies,

dangling on the delicate stems,

kissed by the song of the gentle air….

Up they look and adore the blue,

smile and shy..

with a look demure,

around the bushes,

few butterflies swirl,

a bumble bee plunges for the nectar!

Slowly  curling the folds,

blushingly turn into crimsons,

What passionate love of thy mute flowers…

buzzing the bumble bee flies away

with the song!




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  1. That was an excellent post today. Thanks so much for sharing it. I
    really enjoyed reading it very much. You have a wonderful day!

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome.. :-) Congrats on your 500th post, Soumya. And such a perfect choice for today. :-)

    • Many thanks for your wishes NIrav and also for the appreciation! Just the natural way of flow! :-)

  3. well congrats , and you inspired me and many other bloggers to make this one has our milestone..

    keep it up yaar

  4. I am very uncomfortable when I am not able to come up with something unique. Like ” lovely poem” or ” amazing poem” sort of a comment. MY failure. My limitations. But then, your poems are natural and there is not much I can add. All I can do is thank you for taking time out for posting it for our pleasure :)
    500 posts, or any feat of such stature, speaks a lot about the person. It says that the person can endure good as well as bad days and still come to office. That irrespective of what life throws at him/her, he/she genuinely believes in his/her work. So… congratulations :)

    • your words say a lot Tatsat ! Rather the usual compliments ,this actually conveys the genuine appreciation and the acknowledgement that you do enjoy my poems. And tht in itself is a big award for a writer.

  5. Congrats for 500th post! And wish with all my heart to read many more from you in future! Your words are so very pious and seraph that any reader can feel a change in the way he/she thinks!

    • Iam very happy to see u here and going thru this! Iam sure these few lines shall always bring smile to your face!Thanks for your wonderful wish

  6. Felicitations! :) Believe, more Daisies are yet to bloom in your garden of creativity. So that we the bumble bees could come N enjoy the nectar ;-)

    Sending a 500 petals’ flower as my gift :)

    • what a way of sending wishes! Thanks for encouraging and reading all my creativities! :-)

  7. Congratulations!!!
    You are inspiring. To write so many poems/compositions – its admirable. That constant urge is necessary for the words to flow from your pen.

    • Thanks Sakshi! the love for the expression is always there,just the need and passion is required. :-)

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