In the silence , a heart beats,

Resounding love…

Faith conquers…

Defeating fear

Marching forth

Hate goes retreating!


Bugles blow,

Trumpets sound,

Fleeting joy of triumph

Of  the soul

That fought …

Against the greatest odds.

Never stopped

Or lost the ground,

Invincible it stood like a rock,

In times of dangerous tear,

Shearing the forces

Marching ahead…

Tough and like a chiseled spear!


(photo:google images)






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33 comments on “LIKE A SPEAR!

  1. Faith conquers… May it carries on the march!

  2. Oh, what beautiful poetry from the heart. You are so eloquent, so sincere. Bless you.

  3. An inspiring poem. The only way is forwards and with bugles blowing!

  4. Beautiful and discriptive poem Soumyav…I really like it! God bless!

  5. Lovely poem, Soumya!!
    Reading love again! :)

  6. In the darkest hour of the night, How can a traveler see the view in his journey forward without a light in his hand? Well, I can see you hold one indeed.

    By the way, in the other way around, all these are our speculations or assumptions regarding a Higher Light towards which we all journey on hmm? :)

  7. that was sooo nicely written … different style and beautiful thoughts

  8. Bravo! And goodness defeats evil….beautiful expression! :)

  9. Good as usual. That’s why you are ‘the lady of words’

  10. I love the hope in these lines, Soumyav. I think women perhaps understand them more than men ~ for so many of us arrived at our perfect destiny without a clear map for where we were going. Love this, my friend. ~ Ever, Bobbie

  11. just loved the positive power of this poem soumyav!

  12. Beautiful faith resides in our heart, she walks beside us from the start. In you she lives so very proud, her words my friend you scream out loud. You are so beautiful Soumyav. Much love ~ Sheri

  13. Positivity is flowing in each word. Very inspiring, Soumya.

  14. What an eloquent poem mingled with humanness in a human being.
    Beautiful ! Cheers Soumyav !

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