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Like shining sands…

sparkling stones

in the sweltering heat…

or the cooling breeze…

I stand alone!

Like waves you come and touch ,

carrying me  in everything…

Slowly washing away my shore…

sometimes a little more…




 I  hear the lore,

  Of the falling

and rising chores…

What happens if I get washed away…

gradually  getting eroded in the waves…

Have you gathered my tits and bits…

which got  absorbed in your dreams …

Like lost sands

…each particle gets lost…

in the gravels  of time…in past,

with the collapsing tides which dart,

while struggling  to anchor

  the existence beneath its earth!

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  1. Soumya, this is very lovely indeed.

    Much love,

  2. I like it, Soumya! :) Eric

    • Its great to see you here Eric! and enjoying this as well

  3. Quite a romantic poem. Liked it. :)

  4. Only, that there is no one else but ourselves, who can rescue us :)- but again, that is what I believe and could be mistaken…. :)

  5. Lovely writing!excellent stuff.

  6. You captured the emotions of sand so beautifully, Soumya.. If they could talk this is what they’d think.. :-)

  7. beautiful…. “I stand alone”…awaiting…..” ❤

  8. Very nice and expressive..a thinking mind :-)

  9. A real wonderful poem.

  10. great stuff Soumya. Nature is a collection of destruction and creation. When things get eroded at one place, the eroded material settles down somewhere else to give rise to an entirely new creation.Similarliy your thoughts have settled somewhere and given rise to a new creation there.

    • Its so good to hear from you Raunak! And much more to see you getting connected to the words and my thoughts in form of the verses. Beautiful logic!

  11. You handle your pen brilliantly in dealing with love and pain

  12. Simply beautiful….

  13. Beautiful expression of emotions that all humans feel. We simply articulate it differently. Thank you precious Soumya

  14. The title of this post is very nicely illustrates your artistic soul , just so was what you said “art in my heart , I really like this sentence have nice day

    • Thank you so much Stefan! Iam touched that you liked the words and the title

  15. nicely worded :-)

  16. what a beauty!

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