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There’s nothing in my mind today,

lost thoughts,

confused like maze,

blank looks,

hazy vision…

smogs the scene

and my heart”s envision!


I am confused for what I think,

getting disturbed with every noisy brink,

No energy to carry the work forth,

for some loneliness creeps in  my heart…


What is it I do ponder?

overstressed self or

overexerted shoulder,

less oxygen to breathe ,

or is the the cold air

that makes me feel

chilling and disturbing!

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  1. Really?

  2. Well written!

    • you are free to stay in your confusion in the same manner that you are free to get out of it. Actually, whatever you do is just a freewill away, you know. Observe how you conduct your affairs and your action with every decision.They are my best evidence on this subject.

    • Thank Trisha for reading

  3. I hate feeling drained. Like SOUL drained. And no matter how you need a vacation if you can’t afford one or a long rest your stuck dealing with this Exhaustion.

    • Yes very true Jasmine! Sometimes we need a silent vacation without much hassles … MOms specially need this!

      • Where should we go Soumyav? Where do you think we could get the BEST REST!!! OOH I feel a post coming on!!!

        • :-) Yes Jasmine! hope u find a silent place for bth of us! :-)

  4. Let the time to time and take some rest for your mind :)

  5. In your confusion we have this poem. ;)

    • Hmm! tht was the most natural vent I could have for my frustration!

  6. it could be longing for something.

  7. We need also moments like this to notice and appreciate even more the beautiful ones, my friend. Rainbow without the darker tones also wouldn’ t be so beautiful,

    • Yes very right you are ! and then only we value and realize the presence of the rest.Thanks

  8. Awww…dear, i hope u feel better soon….really sensitive the way u have written down your feelings on paper….

    • Thank you dear! I will feel better soon wth you back now! good to see u

  9. You’re confused, now? :)

  10. sounds like my mind too!

    • we always resound with same thoughts many times

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