Like a burning wood!

Like a burning wood,

I remain ablaze,

providing warmth to the death of life,

which froze in the chilled air ,

of living and survival fight….


Ignited  once,

I glow brightly,

lighting the way …

of the dark dream…

with a ray of hope I continue…

burning more vigorously.


Like the burning wood,

I knoweth not,what holds me,

and what blazes my wood ,

Enkindled I was born ,

my purpose is to keep it

burning in the dark…


Charred at corners

I sometimes  get,

Still radiantly shining as a coal,

But the eternal flame

within brightens more,

as it sees the divine door…

Like a burning wood ..

I want to burn…

amidst the lives  of  thousand lores…

(photo:google images)


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35 comments on “Like a burning wood!

  1. full of radiance you are Soumya! Lovely poem!

  2. I don’t know how you do it, Soumya.. Create these gems day after day! :-)

  3. A meaningful and lovely poem. My fav. is the line, ‘providing warmth to the death of life..’ really nice

  4. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! :)

  5. Absolutely beautiful…a true reflection of your beautiful soul my friend.

  6. That’s a beautiful poem. You have such an expressive way with words. :)

  7. Brava a beautiful poem about your soul! You are so clever!

  8. Love the last line:).Great job!

  9. I can only smile delightfully with the embrace of your words. They inspire beautifully!

  10. amazing poem soumyav! very beautiful.

  11. Keep the flames burning, my friend! Just like they do through your poem.

  12. Reminds me about the story of a hero in Greek Mythology were his life was dependent upon a burning piece of firewood. Beautiful. :)

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