In the melancholic times,

words get lost like bemused,

chasing illusory altitudes…

whereas a song keeps on playing  …

in the background!


piercing notes go deep within,

harping the strings severely,

leaving a  shrill feeling …

in the core of the soul’s being!


The frictional touch bleeds the veins,

even though the sound resonates,

A song of nostalgic pains,

echoes in the subjugating place…


Leaving behind the soul in somberness,

The heart moves with driftness…

brushing  past from  the touching  tunes,

On a casual formal pathway!


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33 comments on “MELANCHOLY!

  1. Smiling to your word’s heartfelt insight.

  2. Defined melancholy to the T. The last stanza resonates with you and the paradox of the last line – casual formal pathway.

  3. Oh like this….the first few lines…so true.

  4. I nominated you for a few awards, please go to: http://theothersideofugly.com/2013/01/05/beautiful-blogger-award/ and follow the instructions. Congrats! You are worthy.

  5. Another beautiful work of art! You are such an awesome poet with a great ear : )

  6. Awesome portrait! :)


  7. Touched me deep inside. Thank you beautiful soul.

  8. Wow! Its beautiful with intense depth! I loved it soumya! :)

  9. What would our hearts be without the moments like these… Beautifully “knitted” , dear.

  10. Its like swimming through warm waters… :)

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