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Time engulfs the distance between,

Strengthening the ties so pristine,

even though ages pass,

there is always a gap left unseen…! 


Such as two particles…

however close may have been…

there lie infinite ones…

dangling in the sea of dreams…


Where do we then assimilate …

and get absorbed…

if every coagulation too has errors and gaps !


It is the supreme one that takes us in his embrace,

to remove all the space …

which  lies  shaking since creation,

For the eternal divine immersion!


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  1. When found peace within oneself, the feeling of not belonging will disappear. Wonderfully written, my friend.

    • Thanks my dear friend for finding the meaning!

  2. So very beautiful Soumyav!!!

  3. Beautiful… as always.


  4. this is a lovely poem ..

  5. nice… :-)

  6. amazing one soumyav!

  7. True and wonderfully written….

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