A wrap of the blue envision,

green velvety carpet beneath the feet,

invisible breeze to let me breathe,

shower of pearls as the colourless flowing stream …

The soul needs only this,

Perplexed …

It watches the mind chasing delusive things!


Amidst the nature it restores and lives,

the euphonic music play tunes beguiling,

Crystal clear colours sparkle,

In the soul of atmosphere!

Why does the human then dips himself …

in the false illusory dream surreal,

when inspite of possessing every treasure,

the heart pines for the unknown pleasure!




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23 comments on “WHY ?

  1. mmm.. seems the 2013’s starting powerfully here:)
    May it be a year of prosperity & peace dear one.

    Love & Light

  2. The heart pines for unknown pleasure…. I like that… I would have to guess my heart is pining for job satafication and inner peace…. I never thought of it like that before.

  3. Wow! This resonates with my heart so strongly that I wonder how you managed to read it!

  4. so beautiful! your words are so delicate yet they reach out strong enough. May you have a splendid year.

  5. This is a very special gem! I really love it! God bless!

  6. The heart is crazy….always pining for what can’t be…. :)

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