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Where is the path that I walked on…

disappeared in the thick  fog or the smoke …

Lost under the layers of dust …

where thousands of feet had trodden ….


The one that lead to you,

with peaceful vibrancy,

calming sun,

breeze of tranquil air flowing,

no hatred or wrath …

no fury or anger…


The one which we were proud of ,

which binded every human …

from every corner of the world…

to remind that ..

humanity is the best religion!


The one where new souls arrived and welcomed with fervor,

irrespective of the gender that were…

both walked on the path …

with utmost harmony and honor…


Why did the way vanish somewhere,

or we lost its track…

When shall we walk forth on it…

dwelling on this land … peacefully inhabit! 

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  1. Amen Soumya! The path seems to be lost.

  2. It truly is tragic that the path exists no more. Sad where the world is going!

    • And so confused each one of us have become! hardly we try to find that one anymore!

  3. We will bring back the path…

  4. very much inspired with your words and let’s pray that this new year everyone will find their right path.

    • Lets wish and hope! Thanks for reading and joining in here!

  5. Its v who hv 2 find the path… n gather the crowd wid us…
    Or probably it was destined this way… s this is the onset of new era “Kalyuga”..

    • yes may be! but now its time to set the path before we all get lost !

      • yup… v shud try hard… fr sumone has 2 start… even if v can’t make this world the “best” place…v can atleast make it a “Better” place 2 live in :)

  6. Inspiring Words of love and hope.

  7. The path can always come back to us to want strong and show humanness :)

  8. What a beautiful poem. If I can see behind me I am on the wrong path LOL!!!!

  9. Beautiful and thoughful, dear. Yet you/we should never lose hope. Yes, I would call myself an unbreakable optimist. :)

    • Thank you for saying so and the concern shown!

  10. How absolutely beautiful!

  11. Its already lost I guess! What we have to do now is its conversant renovation for a better and peaceful future. Let’s join together and fight for the DAY. Great post as usual, Dheedhi. Happy New Year in advance. Have a good time there with your family. Cheers.\m/ :)


    • Thank you Rahul for your words and the New year wish! You too have a peaceful and happy new year!

      • You’re most welcome and thank you so much for your wishes as well! :)


  12. There still exist that path. Just because of few shameless people it lost its essence. But we will bring it back on track. And the change must start from one’s own mentality.

  13. It is always a true blessing to embrace your writings when I awaken! Thanks for the light you always share from within Soumyav!

    • And its so touching to hear from you such words!

  14. hope and pray very soon!

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