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From the darkness of minds where we are perishing,

lead us to love and light,

with the rope of trust and faith,

bring us out of the ravine…


Enough !!! We have been shaken,

by the tremors of the savaged creatures,

lift everyone of us …

from this drenching muck !


When nothing in the existence

can propel the change,

A thought from the conscience ,

shall pave the way…

Make us strong and courageous…

To face this brutality ..

and challenge its game!

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  1. yes, this one shares the spirit :) “to propel the change” that’s what we need right now.

  2. From the depths of my consciousness, let me bring out the words,
    And from the Light of the source, let me be aware of the worlds…..

    • Iam grateful to you for putting your world in your words ! Thank you!

  3. beautiful :)

  4. Absolutely lovely.

  5. “Make us strong and courageous…

    To face this brutality ..

    and challenge its game!”

    …From the heart and soul…
    when words are failed to be uttered….
    let thee listen through our heart and soul

    • Thanks for joining in here! and for your words

  6. again comes one more realistic poem. Nice and meaningful

  7. We need some change!!!

  8. Hoping a positive change begins on 1 Jan 2013. Cheers & a happy New Year.

    • Thanks for the ray of hope and the wishes Sir! A very happy new year to you too!

  9. Your words are reaching, reaching, reaching for the heart. Brutal, loving, tender, lifting, mending. Let us mend more with each successive generation. :) Eric

    • Iam happy they reached through and much more for the bunch of appreciation and compliment!

  10. An inspirational piece of thought from a wise lady for an alight change in the community she lives! :)


    • and a beautiful compliment form a wise boy! :-)

      • Hahahah! It seems I’m not so brilliant in expressing thoughts like you. :D :)


  11. Amen to that.. I do hope and pray that 2013 carves a new path for mankind where people are more understanding towards each other and other’s respect is of utmost value! The mindset of people needs to be overhauled completely!
    So wonderfully you’ve summed it, Spumya. I love it!

    • Sorry for the typo of your name.. I meant Soumya.. :-)

    • Thanks a lot Muzer for reading and getting to the core of it! I hope your wish comes true and so my words!

  12. Awesome!!!

  13. amen1

  14. I find this highly inspirational. Now I know where to turn to when the times are dark.

    • Thank you Pulkit ! And its always right to turn inward and seek the answer within..for your conscience can never lie.

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