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Infinitesimal minute molecules dispersed,

as the spray of  romance got diffused!

spreading and disseminating

love particles

 in the vacuumed pathetic atmosphere !

Filling the void of the space,

 that lived  without the moisten,

The enchantment of the passion

 livened up the spirit for the growing absorption !

Magical is the fascination of the invisible bask,

enthralling ones who are within…

the circle of the trance!

Captivating the senses five …

en- kindling  the flame…

Ever enrapturing  are the molecules of love that get sprayed!


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  1. Lovely! :) Refreshing! Spreading aroma of love! :)

    • Thank you Pankaj! its really very good to see you again!

  2. Your words are simply flowing like a river stream! :)


    • Thank you Rahul ! Iam glad you found a river here! :-)

      • Hahahahah! I so much happy to see your river stream, Dheedhiji. :D :)


  3. gorgeous word play

    • danger lightning
    • Posted December 29, 2012 at 9:07 pm
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  4. Very vibrant and vivid with images coming alive through your words!

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