If your feathers ever fall off

from your colourful plumage,

due to pricking

or pulling of your mane,

or because of harsh ill stricken ways,

don’t lose your heart…

let the fallen feathers find their way…

For you will have the new fresh ones..

growing sooner within days of sun and few drops of rain!


Let the feathers become strong 

and again magnificent to face a storm,

Fly back with the grace you own…

and the newly born courage! 


Make them the fierce fighters …

who can withstand any situation,

lashing back at the hands…

that lay on them even from unknown destinations,

Make them sharp and vibrant…

that everyone is struck with awe…

by seeing the beauty reflecting

and the fierceness

of the flying fledges…

along all the walls ,

that you come across! 




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  1. Sometimes, sacrifices act like catalysts in our tasks too. :D Nice write.

      • My pleasure, after all. Every write can relate to one another. Thank you for the poem.

  2. good stuff
    hope the ones who need this understand :-)

    • I am sure they will! coz they can get connected instantly! Trying to be a part of your mission! ;-)

      • Thank you for caring – I sent you an email just before my disappearing (because of the ammount of work before Christmas) but you might have not received it.

        • Oh! And I didn’t receive it or might have gone into spam! thanks for considering as I did miss you a lot!

  3. This was one of the best one! Loved reading it, and I really mean it…
    And, “…lay on them even from unknown destinations,…” this was a hit! We have many lyricists jotting this one down in many different ways, and I love them all…..its a beautiful imagery, isnt it?

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