Taking a short break!



Hi ! everyone ! 

Time for a short break ! And so I would be away for the next few days from the world of blogging! Will surely come back to all your posts that I shall be missing!

There wont be possibly any internet connection at my place of stay and probably I will be getting busier too! 

 I know there will be lots of excitement in the coming week of the Christmas and so beautiful thoughts and articles would be popping in! As for me I shall be back with new thoughts, fresh emotions and beautiful pictures to share with you all! Till then enjoy my old verses !

Wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Happy blogging! 
Lots of hugs and love,





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  1. happy vacation, I missed many of your posts, shall spend the time reading till you r back soon ,,, happy all your times. :) :)

      • thank you … things started to settle down somewhat. missing your posts. hope you have a nice vacation…happy all your time dear.

  2. Sending blessings for a wonderfully peaceful and joy-filled Christmastime. Have a lovely break.

  3. Happy Holidays to you and your family, Soumya.. Enjoy and come back rejuvenated, we’d be waiting! :-)

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