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Hi ! everyone ! 

Time for a short break ! And so I would be away for the next few days from the world of blogging! Will surely come back to all your posts that I shall be missing!

There wont be possibly any internet connection at my place of stay and probably I will be getting busier too! 

 I know there will be lots of excitement in the coming week of the Christmas and so beautiful thoughts and articles would be popping in! As for me I shall be back with new thoughts, fresh emotions and beautiful pictures to share with you all! Till then enjoy my old verses !

Wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Happy blogging! 
Lots of hugs and love,





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  1. So where’r u headed to??

  2. Enjoy and have a wonderful time! Much love and light to you and yours.

  3. Have fun !

  4. HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!!!!

  5. Merry Christmas, may the joy of the season be with you and yours. Have fun, God bless!!!

  6. Wish you a wonderful break Soumya :)

  7. I will miss you. merry christmas to you. lovely wishes.
    phir milenge :)

  8. happy vacation, I missed many of your posts, shall spend the time reading till you r back soon ,,, happy all your times. :) :)

    • Thank you Amany! missed coming to u! hope u have a good time too soon!

      • thank you … things started to settle down somewhat. missing your posts. hope you have a nice vacation…happy all your time dear.

  9. Sending blessings for a wonderfully peaceful and joy-filled Christmastime. Have a lovely break.

  10. Enjoy it dear..

    Love & Light

  11. Enjoy yourself and rest and be happy! Love and peace to you and your family!

  12. Happy Holidays to you and your family, Soumya.. Enjoy and come back rejuvenated, we’d be waiting! :-)

  13. will really, really miss you!
    have fun and be back real soon.

  14. Merry Christmas. Have fun. Enjoy :)

  15. Merry Christmas to a elegant & beautiful lady

    • thank you !

      • vacation with family

        • yes! after pretty long time!

          • good, a mother needs to have regular breaks, cause taking care of the children, only a mother can nobody else in the world.

          • you belong to a Marwari family or what

            • :-) no ! still if we take the responsibility of everyone around, the family gets extended and your own choices are meant to be thought of at last! a natural way of my disposition and nature!

  16. Merry Christmas to you! Enjoy your break. :)

    • Thank s a lot Arindam! IT was nice and I enjoyed!

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