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Nothing can ever substitute the place that you hold,

creating a void in a whole,

nothing replenishes the thoughts,

of your words that shone…

within the darkness of my depths,

that formed when you left me alone.


Who else can I look upon,

in times of distress and warmth,

for you’re the only soul close to me,

who could feel my breath and heart…


Clinging to you or possessing you,

I don’t have any such wish,

just a touch of care and love,

that is what I ever  dreamt …


Interrupting your schedule

of work and duties,

is never on my mind,

I just want to be beside you in the struggles dominating your time…



Still if my words hurt you..

and my feelings put you in pain,

I will stay away from your shadow …

But nothing can ever interchange  your place …



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  1. Its like you wrote the thoughts in my mind. beautiful poem.

  2. Touched my heart….
    Lovely expression…


    • Thank you Noopur for being here and enjoying!

  3. So very touching.

  4. Wonderful Poem And Thanks for friending me on facebook!

    • Thank you Jasmine! my pleasure!

      • Your so welcome. Your son won an award he’s a beautiful boy. I can’t wait to see my son grow that big. He’s almost 3!

  5. I will stay away from your shadow …

    But nothing can ever interchange your place
    These few words sum up the whole. This is beautiful

  6. Beautiful as always.


    • Thank you Mei for the love and your wonderful presence.

  7. touching…

  8. Loving till letting go of every distance except that to your red…. nicely expressed Soumya

    Love & Light

  9. nothing replenishes the thoughts ….
    very nice and close to the heart.

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