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Embrace with the flowers around,

dangling branches touching the ground,

stream of ecstasy flowing beneath,

my feet dipping in  and flowing with it…


Mountains ,hills kissing the skies,

clouds yearning for a touch to go by,

weeds and grasses happier than ever,

for bare feet I run and they feel my sighs!


Singing birds,colourful butterflies,

tiptoeing on bushes , shying away from eyes,

magical nature absorbing the pains,

wiping out the miseries from one’s brain…


Amidst such magnificent creations ,

sweep the dust off the floor,

lifting me from the void hollows,

hallowing myself with your love much more…




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  1. awesome way of penning down the emotions.

  2. Hills kissing the skies? Wow! So beautiful an imagery at that! ;)

  3. Simply Awesome…..

  4. this one is superb soumyav. just loved it!

  5. Mother Nature well praised by your pen..
    & from Mother to Father your shift through the closure is well crafted..

    Love & Light

  6. You embrace me everyday with your spirit and words.

  7. As I read, I felt the words very deeply. They took me to a different world; a world full of love, care, and happiness. Nature at her best.

    • Thank you Ramu for going through my words.Nothing like nature to embrace our sorrows.

  8. Nifty lines.. I was imagining the butterflies and the sky and the birds and the hills and the clouds.. I like how you say nature absorbs the pain and relieves of the misery! :-)

  9. this was really beautiful, Soumya:) and wish you a happy weekend

  10. Romantic, and it set the heart aflutter!

  11. You took me on a wonderful journey of liveliness, colours, breath – taking scenery…And all that – embraced with love.

  12. your most sensual work Soumyav…just your most sensual..

  13. Thank you for the sweet morning dance! A very beautiful and soothing poem!

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