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Pages of the memorabilia fluttered ,few of them floated in the air,

dispersing the seeds of memories, in the barren atmosphere,

every leaf   had a history  filled with life and feelings attached,

lost,forgotten often ignored,by the self centred egocentric man!


Long before,he was mere,being just a commoner,

no money to buy luxuries, spendthrift was never his chore,

simplicity reflected from within,through his words and his lore…

considerate, striving qualities made him exceptional …


When couturier designs never labeled a person,

times when his disposition was his drive,

appearance  was an added feather,

the real plume was the gorgeous inner verbatim…


Impeccant smile flowed from the heart,

spreading to the end of the lips 

 shining through gleaming eyeballs,

happiness overflowed and flushed …

the lament of soul distressing! 


An old diary of the golden times,

disseminates the fragrance of those lovely days,

reminding the spirit of  the fallen virtues,

which got lost and receded…


The ambience too illuminates,

Experiencing the tangible reminiscences,

The soul gets overwhelmed…

seeing the  quondam age,….

Through the eyes ,drops of repentance wets,

wiping the guilt of killing the  conscience,

when God himself plays the recorded game! 


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  1. I wanted to make a comment, but your words made me silent instead.. Thank you :)

  2. Amazing !
    Though, gifted are those who are able to forget :)

  3. There is so much sadness in the voice, still I can flow forever. Time records transient moment in our brains, and we can either embrace or give up. You have a beautiful imagery, graceful to bleed the truth, and that is why it is magical.

    • True Pawan! i wrote this out of some sadness but that for the transformation of a human that has took place since years.The one who was simple and noble, and lived, smiled at simpler things,got lost in the path of the evolution somweher in between..probably,the replay when he sees shall make repent for what the human has lost…

  4. The soul gets overwhelmed…
    seeing the quondam age,….
    Through the eyes ,drops of repentance wets,
    wiping the guilt of killing the conscience,
    when God himself plays the recorded game!

    Great words my dear friend ! have nice day With love maxima

  5. This is very moving…., beautiful Soumyav, thank you.

    Blessed be.

  6. Every stage in life is a glory of itself, and every memory associated, has the sign of wisdom through a different eye. most importantly, never give up the child in us :).


    • very true and that child alwas helps us to see the difference and makes us feel.

  7. Poignantly written Soumya. Life goes on but memories come back every now and then in circles….. We run and come back to the same point..

    • very true Aparna! apparently I wrote this one from a different outlook,the way we will see ourselves ,as the transition happens and has happened over the ages!

  8. Ah yes…give me a simple cabin alone in the hills – with electricity of course though…but your poem touches a chord with me, definitely.

  9. another brilliantly illustrated story in your poem Soumyav…
    love your style.. :)

    ~ a bunch of love
    Super G

  10. very deep and very beautifully written. we win some, we lose some!

  11. i like this.

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