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Stillness in water, calmness in thoughts,

ripples flow on the surface..

without hindering the subtleness along…


Flowing water remains ever fresh,

stationary and motionless ,

stagnancy pervades…


Driftage  is a movement,

with effort and  a trend,

a motion induced 

in seeking the end…


Deep beneath the layers of the liquid,

tranquil silence reverberating,

composed and poised waves of motion,

bring equanimity in adverse conditions…







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  1. Always looking for a place to go.

  2. that was a lovely one and the photo is beautiful..

  3. Beautiful expression soumya.

    • Thank you

      • too busy I think after receiving the latest blog award.

        Any way Congrtulations

        • No.nothing of that sort! much busier with family due to holidays .

          • oh definitely the children

            • yes! and the weather change has made everyone am after them..

              • It should be cool over there, am I guessing right

  4. This Is my morning meditation. Your words take me to a place of depth. Thank you.

  5. beautiful, calm, subtle! Very nice!!

  6. nice flow… :-)

  7. Just like a song! Lovely


  8. & so is our mind… nicely written Soumya

    Peace & Light

  9. As Tolkien said, not all who wander are lost – driftage..a whole new concept – but very pleasant one to my mind..

    • Thank you dear! pleased that you found it pleasant!

  10. My mind and spirit are always embraced so graciously by the spirit of your words…and i am blessed by their lasting beauty…awesome Soumyav!

    • Thanks for your presence here Wendell! the same adds more grace.

  11. very true words soumyav.

  12. What a truly calming beauty…yes, i would even say – something very sen about it, my dear.

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