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  1. come the winter…cold freezes
    but the warmth from a loving heart should melt the frozen wall…

    ~ a bunch of love
    Super G

    • Thanks for sharing the lovely thought and wish!

  2. you caught that PERFECTLY – the contrary complements…

    • Thank you! Its great to hear that from a haiku master! :-)

  3. In this quite hectic time of the year for me…it is so soothing and therapeutical to read a beautiful haiku of yours here.

  4. I wish I could write Haiku.. I’ve tried so many times and failed! You make them look so easy, Soumya! This is a good one and wintery at that! :-)

    • Iam happy you liked that! its simple ,just try a thought and u will get the words..

  5. Very nice :-) Something must burn to unfreeze a frozen thing……..And to burn, a spark is needed. I wish there were lot of sparks around to thaw things in this world!

    • Thanks for visiting and going thru this! :-)

  6. so very true.

  7. Apt to the weather…this haiku definitely gives us the feel of winter. It’s lovely.

    • yes my dear! and after the change in weather here ! this welcomes winter!

  8. Very nice Soumya! Lovely Haiku :-)

  9. Winter has start every where.. very nice blog. Nice sharing………

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