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Nothingness within… 

void but not serene…

vacuumed thoughts,

converging into nothing…


Everything surrounding

seems a routine…

newness lost…

in melancholy profound…


Calmness inside… vanished 

in the noise,

the zeal of  love,

disappeared  ….

leaving behind no choice…



Exuberance in feelings…

enthusiasm in words,

Iam awaiting the moment,

when my love and passion returns…




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  1. There’s nothing like NOTHING! I believe! It’s just that you are not comprehending your thoughts as you are thinking something and looking for something! See, this feel of nothingness has brought this beautiful poetry to life! And obviously this is just a read of peace, silence, relaxation, and healing!

    • Thank you Pankaj for the thoughts you shared here! sometimes this silence and vacuumness is needed I feel to bring out the best again like everything anew.

  2. I love it soumya!!

  3. oh yea this is good simple and to the point nice picture to go with it

    • Thank you for being here and going thru this! just the lowest time when there’s nthng inspiring to think about and write..

  4. Newness appears through temporary void… just like the absolute stillness before the storm, the rain … :)

    • Thts a beautiful way to look at it! perception matters! :-)

      • :) yes it does

  5. nothingness is not permanent…passion is surely bound to reappear..It is just a matter of time..

  6. “Calmness inside… vanished
    in the noise,
    the zeal of love,
    disappeared ….
    leaving behind no choice…”

    Loved these lines… true!!

  7. This nothingness and an empty thought. How difficult it becomes to spend time waiting for love, when we get into this kind of situation. really soumya you have beautifully expressed in your poetry.
    really in these empty times we think of getting busy and getting the passion of love back.
    Hey soumya, you mentioned a few days earlier that you have been so busy. so now you should enjoy these time. why are you feeling so ?

    • Thank you for going through this Rahul! yes I hade been very busy lately ..but i think the energy is drained out and shall need some time to rejuvenate back…

  8. Oh, you are divine.

  9. Beautiful poetry Soumya. I liked it a lot, the way you ended this with a hope. You know the art of capturing emotions with words for sure. :)

    • Hi Arindam! great to see you here after long! glad you liked and could get the feel!

  10. enjoy the nothingness,the vaccum will be filled by the bliss.

  11. Follow the road down, it will start going up the hill again..

    • thts pretty inspiring and motivating! Thank you so much!

  12. yep :-) somewhere there…


  13. They say the darkest and emptiest moments are right before the dawn, my dear…

    • And you always have a beautiful ray of hope shining there for me in front everytime! its really refreshing and loving to talk to you! :-)

  14. Thts a beautiful

  15. i see nothingness is amazing :)

  16. Monotony….or humdrum? You have described in the void in such vivid words. I could feel the emotions.

    • Thank you Suri! your presence fills the feeling of the void!

      • Awww…you are too kind my friend! :)

  17. Housewife’s ennui – but at least you have the vacuum cleaner to while away the time, until passion arrives out of the deep blue sky on a magic carpet.

    • Well !Thank you Ken for very much being here! and yes it was the tedious hectic schedule that ran out my creativity,,at least i felt so and I could just write about “NOTHiNGNESS”

  18. glad that i returned after it has returned!

    • :-) :-) Thts y It went missing,so as you did!

  19. You are an awesome poet…Superliked nothingness!!

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