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Laps of oscillatory movements,

with moments as fulcrum of  thoughts,

the ropes of bonds and love,

seated on the emotions crushed…


Here sways the swing of life with rhythm…


Darkness prevails engulfing the light,

visibility diminishes , weakening the mind,

a lantern of hope burns and illumines,

the path untrodden …untraversed in life…


In such a way sways the swing of life in rhythm…


Pivot of the spirit , we decide,

accordingly the living takes the ride,

Dangling with the  strings of  our deeds,

Swinging against the wind is a newness we find!


Thus ! sways the swing of life!


Swaying beautifully ,flowing is  the swing of life!

In rhythm it moves and sweeps!

gently touching the air divine,

 infinitesimally making  our presence shine!








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  1. Yes, the swing of life – bring us up and then somehow by all laws of nature – down with a promise of being up again. Your poem is a wonderful reminder about that.

    • Thank you dear! It truly reminds us every time we sit on it and forget everything gives the feeling of a larger picture

  2. lovely!

  3. Truth is incomparable :-)

  4. New theme? New fresh face of yours! Nice! :-)

    Subhan Zein

  5. Wonderful swing….reminds us of the ups and downs in life. I enjoyed resding this.:)

  6. wonderful

  7. I loved your words as reading left me feeling like i was on a swing in the sunshine loving every minute of life while i was swinging. It has a beautiful vibrancy that ignites swee joy within the whole of me! Much love to you dear sister…truly wonderful!

    • Thank you Wendell! Life itself gives the feeling of a swing as we close our eyes and be in solitude. the vibrations take us everywhere then.

  8. On a swing — your imagery is concrete, Soumya. Life expresses itself here. :)

  9. Everytime the life swings from one paradigm to another, there’s something good about it! Though by all we human beings like to be at the old phase of comfort, still the hope finally light up inside! Lovely and refreshing read! :)

    • Thank you so much! your words are itself refreshing! :-)

  10. Loved this one!! So beautiful imagination !

    • :-) Thank you Varun! Thanks for going through this and liking it here!

  11. Always inspiring.

  12. Hi Soumya, one of the finest poems I have read for many days! beautifully expressed. It flows like swing itself. Very well crafted.

    • Thank you so much for visiting and liking it!

  13. life truly is like a swing! loved your description of life!

    • Thank you dear! remember the swings that are tied on trees in the small them

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