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For the Hindi lovers!

Originally posted on aasaman ke pankh:

Naa jaane kahan kho gaye,

woh patte palaash ke,

kisi kone mein chupe hue

unhe talaash le…


Unpar kahaani hai meri zindagi ki ,

chand lakiron mein likhi

magar phiki si,

shayad patjhad uda le gayi,

un patton ko is maqaam se…


Bas baithe hai intezaar mein..



yeh sochte hue,

koi laayega phir se unhe samet ke

par koi na mila jo padh sake …

dastaan woh  likhi hui…

na pahunch saka

kareeb us ke…


woh palaash ke patton

ab bhi kare hai intezaar

uda le jaaye phir saawan

ab ki chaukhat par, uske

jiska hume hai barson se intezaar…

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  1. fabulous poem!
    i love the flowers of palash very much!

  2. It’s lovely. Loved the sentiment in the poem….so nostalgic and tender. Thankyou dear for sharing!

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