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Precious beads of love I weave together delicately,

creating a garland around your heart ,

with string of the philiac…


Adorning you with chaplets of  tender flowers of my wish,

bedecking your  soul with my musical harmony….










Diamonds,pearls envy the indigenous make,

devoid they remained of being  woven with such grace…



Coronal wreath or a  florilegium ,

It embellishes your contours of  existence…

disseminating  ambrosial essence,

for  the aeonian passionate presence…

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  1. i share your love for flowers.

  2. Hi Soumyav. Lovely words and a lot of them I needed my dictionary ;) Take care. Ralph x

  3. This is beautiful !

  4. reminds me of classical music :-)

  5. & you’re a scatterer & a collector of gems..

    Peace & Light

    • :-) Thank you MIra for being a gems connoiseur!

  6. they are being woven with they are teh envy of diamonds and pearls..lovely

  7. This beauty is much more precious than any diamonds – love, care, all the positive thoughts, wishes, dreams are what makes the value, not the carats.

    • Absolutely dear! these are things that we all crave for ,so making them more precious than the gems.

  8. This is beauty, and how sweetly it flourishes through the flow. A decor for soul to smile. :)

    • And Iam really overwhelmed that you can see the decor clearly..

    • And Iam really overwhelmed that you can see the decor clearly..

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