A gust of air,

breezes permeating deep within..

Diffusing impregnated atoms,

saturated of love …

Prismatic coloured the aura shines,

reflecting crimson to the envisage…

Seasons changed as the life cycle,

the sky still remained scarlet coloured…

On the spur of a moment,the frame freezes,

Stymy becomes everything  ,a block is created…





Miles of silence reverberates,

the echo suddenly dampens away…

Articulation subjugates,

A call beckoned fades away…

Image envisions a  dream,

the shadow of  reflection walks away…

Air in the zephyr vaporizes,

vacuumness is here to  stay…




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  1. You’ve booked me a flight through the heart of infinite..
    Wondering what has birthed this! & please allow me correct your info.; there’s nothing called “vaccumness”; vaccum is already the noun..

    Love & Light

    • Thank you MIra for loving the piece. Mira ..glad u noticed the word.Actually the word Vacuumness is often used in science ..”the state of being in vacuum” or the amount of vacuum present in the specific often described as “vacuumness”. In english language,vacuum is the ultimate word,..I just merged both here.. ;-)

  2. Miles of silence reverberates,

    the echo suddenly dampens away… Its beautiful soumya:)

    Oh btw this new poem i posted has crimson and scarlet in it and its sheer coincidence! hehe…

  3. there is nicole kidman in it, is not it?

    fabulous poem Mira, have you seen pirates of the carribean? i loved the concept of the compass showing the thing the person wants most :)

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