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Numerous  petals of flowers sprinkled in water,

keep dancing ,floating over the placid layer,

Like the infinitesimal  moments of destiny,

enthralling and enchanting, which I cherish resurface…

What a captivating scene it is!

The innumerable saltation of  memories,

emerged from enamoring  thoughts ,

on the screen of  imagination,

creating a picturesque unique…

Illuminating me with the colourful luminances ,

as the  exuberant candles in the  lap of flowers drifted,

Embracing the warmth and radiance within,

holding close to my bosom I treasure the same…

Fragrances of the blossoms diffusing within the liquidness,

pervading through the waters elating the atmosphere,

The essence of the reminiscence  permeating in the soul clear,

spreading  tranquility…

in the  heart full of restlessness and fear….

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  1. This is beautiful. By your words you have transformed the simple and graceful cultural practice of India to the realm of immortality of poetry.

    • Thank you so much Sharon..Iam honoured and humbled by the kind words of yours that speak so high about my poem.

  2. crystal clear and beautiful…lovely poem :)

    • Thank you so much! :-)

  3. Nature is beautiful,a wonderful poem, try to watch dev dipawali in varanasi sometime (second pic reminds me of that)

    • Thank you Nirmal for liking.Been there at varanasi,and watched the ganga aarti..Its stunningly divine.. but not at tht particular time of dev deepavali.

      • the lights and the lamps in ganga were mesmirising. that sight was just awesome.

        • very true.Its breathtaking .

  4. Beautiful poem. It has the essence of our culture. Awesome work. :)

    • Thank you for reading and liking it.

  5. Hello, I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I love your poems and this is a way of appreciating them.

    Instructions on my post on how to accept this award and check out the other nominated bloggers:



    • Thank you Jean for nominating me for this award and being here.Iam humbled by your love and support.As I already have this award,I will just accept this from you.

  6. amazing photographs soumyav and you captured their beauty perfectly in your poem!

    • Thank you Sharmishtha!

  7. Your words are always gently wrapped in the satin of loveliness with your images always the perfect ribbon that ties it all together. Beautiful Soumyav!

    • Thank you Wendell for giving a perfect compliment that adds stars to my sky with your glitters. :-) I am overwhelmed.

  8. Luminescent verse sailing through this beautiful pictures. A festive season around the corner, and you bring nature to leave some wisdom for human beings. Lovely, Soumya.

    • Thank you Pawan,your words give a sparkle to the poem… :-)

  9. Nice!!

    • Thank you!

  10. lovely, Soumya..I liked the last two lines..

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