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lovely duo of attractive angels,

soaring high in the dreams of love,

leaving the land of mortals down,

rise above to the heaven of such…


embraced,entwined souls composed,

calm and in sync, when held close,

flying in the kingdom of fantasies,

with wings of pure immaculate thoughts…


white,spotless angels in love,

oblivious of the negative atmosphere,

live in their own world and sphere,

illuminating the place with atoms of adoration…




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  1. Oh! What a beauty ! The purity of Angels! I can connect to every single word! :)

    • Thanks a lot for loving it! it indeed reflects the purity!

  2. nice
    and i like the idea
    at least on a theortical level it is perfect :-)

  3. spotless..unassuming..fairy tale

  4. I do believe in angels without wings too =)

  5. Salam ;I do apologise i forget to say salam before writing my comment ::)

    • its fine ! your presence completes every other formal greeting :-)

  6. Thanks for sharing

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