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Spreading the radiance of its light,

Luminous and fluorescent white,

The moon looks ravishing  tonight,

My words can’t glorify the culminating sight…

Legends and fancy myths survived,

through every evening’s twilight,

The moon shines with all its might,

Making the lovers crave for each other’s sight…




Behind the clouds, Vanishing and  peeping,

Reminds me of a newly wedded girl shying,

Giving glances from behind her veil,

who tries to get a glimpse of her male…

Lustrous sky with the majestic moon,

Luscious music vibrating from  the wind’s  flute,

Create an aura of magnetic atmosphere,

On the day of  the  full moon’s splendour…

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  1. wow …. words think alike …. so beautiful dear

  2. Enchanting words Soumyav…mystical imagery

    • thank you… the moon in itself is enchanting .. :-)

  3. Wow its just..i dont have words!

  4. Great combination of images and poems!! My personal favorite was the newly wedded girl part!! Awesome!

  5. Beautiful words and images Soumya!

  6. awesome

  7. Such subtle glory…the poetry and images about love and the moon. *Elegant.*

    • Thank you so much for going through the old posts! you add your shine by visiting them

  8. I had the urge to go to the balcony and look at the moon. Totally entrancing. :)

    • :-) thts wonderful my words made you feel so!

  9. Dear Soumya, your words express every feeling so well! Keep writing!

    • Thank you Trisha for going thru this old post and liking it!

  10. Beautiful words and images Soumya!

  11. BEAUTIFUL POST! Words and images are amazing!


    • thanks for the sweet visit and going thru the verse. Iam glad you liked those lines

  12. Beautiful words!

  13. Thanks for stopping and visiting my blog…….Good day.

  14. Your imagery is so romantic in the moonlight. Blessings to you! :D

    • Thanks ! Iam glad you liked the imagination

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